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Sadly the Coronavirus outbreak has had a devastating impact on music in the UK and around the world. While most of us are confinined to our homes, CASSGB will be providing a series of downloads, articles, etc. to keep clarinet and saxophone players occupied. We all hope that life returns to normal as soon as possible.
Number 22: 31th May

This will be the final post from the archive as we begin to emerge into the post coronvirus phase into our new way of life. Shops are re-opening, we are beginning to meet again away from screens. Let us hope that it will not be too long until we can perform to audiences once again. This article from our magazine archive, dating back to the Winter 2016 issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine, presents a survey of saxophone quartets that are held in the CASSGB library. The library which is free of use for CASS members contains over 4000 titles specifically for the clarinet and saxophone.

Number 21: 26th May

Further to our post on 3rd April about British clarinet maker Peter Eaton, he has been in touch giving details about his latest project during lockdown. Gervase de Peyer and Roy Jowitt of the LSO were two legendary British clarinettists who used played on Peter Eaton clarinets. Their collections of instruments are now in possession of Peter Eaton. You can read all about Peter's assessment of the instruments here

Number 20: 22nd May

Thanks to CASSGB member David Bainbridge for today's content. His composition entitled Five Pairs of Shorts is a short collection of duets for two equal saxophones (or can also be played on clarinet or indeed another instrrument) 

Number 19: 19th May

John Harle is one of Britain's most creative and best known saxophone players. In 2017 he celebrated his 60th birthday with a UK tour , and the publication of a two volume work called "The Saxophone". We interviewed him about his career and future projects for a feaure in the Spring 2017 issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine

Number 18: 13th May

Netherlands based clarinettist Alex Simu is holding a series of masterclasses on Facebook on 14th, 22nd and 28th May. See his Facebook page for more details and how to register for the masterclasses.

Number 17: 7th May

Buffet Crampon the French clarinet and saxophone manufacturers are presenting live recitals live on their Facebook page, several times a week. The concerts usually take place at 7.00 pm (French time) one hour ahead of UK. Today's concert is a clarinet and piano recital performed by Angelo Montanaro and Irene Alfageme. Keep checking the Facebook page for more information about their upcoming recitals.

Number 16: 5th May

The British clarinettist Julian Bliss was a child prodigy who at the age of 12 played to a television audience of millions when he was invited to perform in front of Buckingham Palace as part of the Queen's golden jubilee celebrations. In the Summer 2017 issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine we profiled how his career has progressed since then.

Number 15: 1st May

A look back to happier and more carefree times when travelling by aeroplane was something we took for granted. In the Autumn 2017 issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine, Tracy Heavner wrote about the pros and cons of travelling with different kinds of saxophone cases, and offered tips on surviving a flight with a saxophone.

Number 14: 27th April

The bass clarinet quartet from the United States Army Field Band will be performing a live stream concert on Wednesday 29th April at 7 pm (UK time). They are streaming a show entitled “Drop the Bass”, which will feature selections from Prokofiev, Bulgarian Folk music, Radiohead, and more! This concert is one of a series of daily live streams in a series called “We Stand Ready.” Every day, they are streaming live on the YouTube channel, youtube.com/ArmyFieldBand, and Facebook page, Facebook.com/ArmyFieldBand. The programming is a mix of musical, educational, and interactive segments - truly something for everyone. 

NOTE: This live concert which happened on 29th April is now available to watch on Youtube here.

Number 13: 25th April

For the jazz aficionados, John Coltrane is arguably one of the most influential of all saxophone players. His instrument was the tenor, and soprano (never the alto), and he recorded over 50 albums in his career despite dying at the age of only 40. Kenneth Morris reviewed Coltrane's life and legacy in the Winter 2017 of the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine.

Number 12: 19th April

Harry Sparnaay was a pioneering dutch bass clarinet player, who more than anybody influenced the development of the bass clarinet to where it is today. He commissioned countless pieces as well as being the godfather of an internationtional community of bass clarinet players. Sparnaay sadly died at the end of 2017. We paid tribute to his life in the Spring 2018 issue of Clarinet and Saxophone magazine.

Number 11: 14th April

The finals of the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition would be taking place this year, but have fallen victim to the Coronavirus pandemic. The past two editions have produced great successes for saxophonists. In 2016 Jess Gillam won the woodwind category, followed 2 years later by Rob Burton. Our article from the Summer 2018 issue of the magazine interviews Rob, and discovers more about his journey to the finals of the competition.

Number 10: 8th April

Reed manufacturers have been experimenting with the production of synthetic reeds as an alternative to cane for many years. One of the most prominent manufacturers has been Légère which began making their version of a synthetic reed in 1998. In an article from the Autumn 2018, Michael Pearce met the founder of Légère, Mark Korschot to discover the company's journey over the past 20 years.

Number 9: 5th April

Kenneth Morris is a regular contributor of jazz articles to the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine. In this article from the Winter 2018 issue, he turns the spotlight to the soprano saxophone and those players who specialise in it.

Number 8: 3rd April

The English school of clarinet playing characterised by the playing of Reginal Kell, Frederick Thurston, Gervase De Peyer and Jack Brymer was defined by the sound of the legenday "1010" clarinet manufactured by Boosey and Hawkes. When B & H stopped making these instruments, the English clarinet tradition was continued by Peter Eaton, He announced his retirement last year. In an article from Spring 2019, Peter discusses the origins and development of his business.

Number 7: 1st April

Any young players out there thinking of auditioning for music college ? This article called Standing Out featured in the Summer 2019 issue if Clarinet and Saxophone magazine will be of interest. Kyle Horch (saxophone professor at the Royal College of Music) and clarinettist Michael Harris (ex-head of woodind at Birmingham Conservatoire) give their advice on what makes a successful music college audition.

Number 6: 31st March

The other obvious topic fo discussion after ligatures and reeds is of course mouthpieces. In an article from Autumn 2019, Chuck Currie focusses on saxophone mouthpieces in particular, and what exactly the difference is between a classical and a jazz mouthpiece, and why saxophonists need both.

Number 5: 30th March

Here's one from the Winter 2019 issue of Clarinet and Saxophone magazine. A regular feature of the magazine is the Single Reed Doctor feature. The resident CASS "doctor" in question is Thomas Dryer-Beers, who is a former professional and orchestral performer, lecturer and teacher on all members of the woodwind family. For over 20 years he has served as instrument sales manager for Woodwind and Reed, Cambridge. Readers of the magazine are invited to send in their questions. In this article Thomas addresses the question of embouchure differences when clarinet players begin learning the saxophone.

Number 4: 29th March

Reeds is the topic that both frustrates and intrigues single reed players, why is it so difficult to find a good reed? . Going back through the archives of Clarinet and Saxophone magazines, in the Winter 2012 issue. Leslie Craven wrote an article comparing the many different brands of reed. His survey focused particularly on clarinet reeds, bit this is an article that is relevant to both clarinet and saxophone players. You can read his article here.

Number 3: 28th March

A perennial topic for discussion amongst single reed players is ligatures. In the latest issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone magazine Canadian clarinettist and saxophonist Chuck Currie discusses the topic to discuss various new models introduced since then, and to give his ultimate ligature ranking. You can read his article here.

Number 2: 27th March

And here is one for clarinet players. This is a classic that every clarinet players should play or aspire to play: Clarinet Polka

Number 1: 26th March

The Young Saxophone Soloist Competition was held in January and was won by 16 year Daniel Davis. CASSGB commissioned Charlotte Harding to write an unaccompanied saxophone piece as a compulsory test piece for the first round of the competition. The piece is called Solstice


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