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13 Sep 2018

Volume 43, Number 3

This issue's articles include:

Into the Woods
A look into the life and work of the American saxophonist Phil Woods, who left one of largest and most impressive recording legacies of any single-reeder
Kenneth Morris
Jonathan Radford
The channel-hopping saxophonist and reigning Royal Over-Seas League Gold Medallist talks about the difference between French and British conservatoires’ approach to the classical saxophone
Michael Pearce
Michael Collins
We hear from the solo clarinettist and conductor about current projects and future ambitions amid a challenging year
Chris Walters
Clarinetfest 2018
We report from the International Clarinet Association’s annual flagship event
Stephanie Reeve
World Saxophone Congess
A report from this year’s World Saxophone Congress.
David Zucchi
Reed seasoning and adjusting
A little time spent on reed management pays dividends
Chuck Currie
Science of articulation
Some recent scientific studies of clarinet tonguing are presented by the School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Australia
Joe Wolfe
Heather Roche
A profiles on Heather Roche, a Canadian and now London-based clarinettist, blogger and contemporary music advocate
Ian Mitchell
Film Noir
The birth of Film Noir, an ambitious new piece for sax octet by Ivor McGregor
Kyle Horche
P. Mauriat
Clarinet & Saxophone is grateful to all our advertisers for their continued support. In this new feature, we shine a light on one of them in each issue, beginning with P. Mauriat
Ben Chapman
Redefining reeds
This October marks the 20th anniversary of Légère Reeds. We hear from co-founder and president Mark Korschot about the company’s journey
Michael Pearce

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