Svapna, for alto saxophone and marimba : by Bertrand Dubedout

This review was published on: March 1st 2015

At 10 minutes long it’s really hard to know what to make of this one. When faced with Svapna’s obvious modernity it is easy to dismiss it as strictly for a saxophone congress at 9am on a Sunday morning. (By the way I performed at 10am at the British Saxophone congress on a Sunday, which is a completely different matter!)

It is veeeeeeeerrrrrrry slow with quaver = 45 and would require amazing sound and breath control to give it any chance of not losing the audience to the trade stands. The parts work closely together as if in conversation, which is just as well because Billaudot only give you one part. Hypnotic and atmospheric, Svapna is original and different, although it is demanding of the audience’s concentration. However in a world of relaxing, easy listening, soothing, accessible and dumbed-down classical music there has to be a place for something which requires the listener to be involved for more than three minutes.

Review by Gerard McChrystal. Originally published in Clarinet & Saxophone magazine, autumn 2011
Billaudot, £9.80

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