Dawkes vegan saxophone pads: accessories

This review was published on: March 8th 2022

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Dawkes Music has announced the launch of fully synthetic, vegan saxophone pads called V-Pads. With a new generation of players voicing their concerns over the trade’s reliance on animals, particularly the leather from calves used in many pads, the Berkshire-based company recognised it needed to address longstanding conceptions around instrument pads.

Developed over 12 months with leading pad manufacturer Pisoni, the V-Pads feature a multi-layered, closed-foam material that offers a flat and accurate pad, completely without the use of animal products. The black material is almost completely light-tight to give accurate feedback when using a leak light, and the pads are fitted with the same domed metal resonators used on Dawkes’ Deluxe saxophone pads to keep the sound close to its most popular pad.

Due to the firmness of the V-Pad, flat tone holes and good key fitting must be in place before installing the pads. When ordering, measurements should be taken from the internal cup diameter.

Each pad is priced at £1.17 when purchasing one to four pads, or £1.05 when purchasing five or more.

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